• Tania Panés

Interview at Delta Hotel, Thun, Switzerland.

Often I am asked where do I get inspiration from. I've never really believed too much in it, still not sure if there is anything such as inspiration itself. In my case, the, let's say, motivation or 'writing flow', comes with interaction, between me and people (including myself), me and art (in various formats) or me and nature.

Ideas are rivers coming together, seeds cracking on the soil, accidents and observations that suddenly bring sense to something random or untouched. Patience and perseverance are for me the keys for allowing this flow to happen, and of course, the mere act of working without interruption.

When I write on the street, a person can get me into that state or can bring me out of it in a matter of seconds. The challenge for me is to be able not to react to this transfigurations without wanting to control them or to avoid them too much. This entire process of "being present" allows me to receive each and every person for what they are and what they need in the same way that I let myself go in the creative writing process.

Thank you @edelline_ag and @romeljaneski for this interview and for having us in Switzerland this past march! Special thanks also to @hoteldeltapark and @very_ibiza_people .


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